How to Deal With Stress and Maintain Focus (with video)

Neal KUSHWAHA published a LinkedIn article on how to deal with stress and maintain focus.

I love to train. Some call it my addiction. I’m continually amazed by the capability of the human body.

On Friday January 19, 2018, I watched several videos of people including heavy weight boxing legend Wladimir KLITSCHKO take a dip in icy waters for the feast of the epiphany. What is that? It’s a traditional Christian orthodox ritual which commemorates the baptism of Jesus.

All the videos of people walking into the icy water and taking 3 dips reminded me of a training I did this past summer.

The week of September 18, 2017, I was exposed to a form of training to help me focus. A friend of mine, who wishes to remain anonymous, introduced me to this training and guided me through my 2 sessions, a total of 4 submersions into icy cold water. Let’s call this person “Sonia”.

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