DCAR Overview

#DCAR2017 [Data Centre Architecture Roadmap 2017], your one-day conference in Ottawa on June 14, 2017.

Be exposed to the Data Centre market directions around the globe. From enterprise architecture, to data centre construction and move planning, to security, DCAR bridges the gap between IT and facilities.

Who should attend? Are you in the field of cyber security, data centre planning or construction, or disaster management? If so, then this is your event. The vendor neutral knowledge is ideal for all data centre professionals and upper management.

Tickets: Register for $20 using the discount code DCAR3FOR20 https://dcar2017.eventbrite.ca?discount=DCAR3FOR20#tickets (discount expires June 1, 2017).

DCAR Agenda: June 14, 2017

Hours Session
07:00-08:00 Registration & breakfast
08:15-08:30 Opening remarks
08:30-09:00 1: Open Compute Project Update, Denis BLOUIN
09:00-09:30 2: Aligning Business to the DC, Ryan MAHER
09:30-09:45 ** Break **
09:45-10:15 3: Designing to Questionable Specs, Jill CHITRA and John MOORE
10:15-10:45 4: Cyber as a Domain of War, Bruce WATSON
10:45-11:00 ** Break **
11:00-11:30 5: Crown in the Cloud, Paul BUTCHER
11:30-12:00 6: Emission Security, UNDISCLOSED
12:00-13:00 ** Networking Lunch **
13:00-14:15 7: Living the Disaster, the Fires of Ft. McMurray, UNDISCLOSED
14:15-14:30 Closing Remarks

DCAR Speakers

Session 1: Denis BLOUIN – Open Compute Project Update
Denis BLOUIN P.Eng. Mechanical Engineering, Graduated in 1989 from Laval University. Have since worked in the telecommunication industry with Nortel, Nordx, CDT and currently with Belden.

Denis was part of a group at Nortel working on the first generation of “structured networking” cabling and connectivity systems – what has become 20 years later Cat 6A channels. For the last 10 years, Denis’s focus has been related to helping data center managers find solutions to density challenges (connectivity, cabling, heat dissipation, containment). As such Denis has been involved with deployment of over 3 million square feet of white space.

Denis has been a contributing member to the OCP open rack work group for 3 years. Denis will be sharing insight of the OCP journey and discuss base principles hyper scale DC operators uses to run site at PUE of around 1.1 and exchange on impact OCP is having and will be having as adoption moves to enterprise DC.

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Session 2: Ryan MAHER – Aligning Business to the DC
Ryan MAHER is a Mechanical Engineering graduate from Carleton University. Working with Defence Construction Canada [DCC]. Ryan is and has been responsible for the delivery of many critical data centres, including the CFB Borden Data Centre. Working as a contracting authority, Ryan has had the opportunity to work directly on Public Private Partnership [PPP] data centre projects.

Ryan will discuss the challenges he has faced with aligning the Crown’s business requirements with the private sector’s interpretations and how he has been able to resolve them to result in a successful PPP delivery.

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Session 3: Jill CHITRA and John MOORE – Designing to Questionable Specifications, an Operator-Designer Approach
Jill CHITRA P.Eng. has over 30 experience is the nuclear, pharmaceutical and health care industry as a senior leader. She has lead teams in the areas of Capital Projects, R&D, Facilities & Real Estate as well as Quality Assurance and Regulatory Compliance. Jill brings experience managing in complex and heavily regulated businesses and understands how reliable and secure facilities are key to meeting the needs of the operation. Jill recently launched her own consulting practice, Jill Chitra Coaching and Business Consulting.

John MOORE P.Eng. is an Executive Director with J.L. Richards & Associates Limited [JLR]. JLR is an integrated Engineering, Architecture and Planning practice engaged in facility and land development projects across Canada and around the world. The firm is 100% Canadian and 100% employee owned. John has spent a good portion of his 30+ year long career leading multidisciplinary building design teams in the delivery of a variety of complex projects, including data processing, clean manufacturing and laboratory facilities with a capital value ranging from $2M to $150M. He was recently appointed to the position of Chief of Building Science for JLR, leading the building design practice for his firm.

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Session 4: Dr. Dr. Bruce WATSON – Cyber as a Domain of War
Bruce is chief scientist at IP Blox – a developer of leading edge technologies for deep-packet inspection, with a focus on performance and virtualization. Academically, he is co-founder and co-director of the distributed FASTAR Research Group, director of the Centre for Decision Making and Knowledge Dynamics, and co-director of the Centre for Artificial Intelligence Research.

Dr. Dr. WATSON also holds a visiting professorship in the Department of Computer Science at King’s College London. With more than a dozen researchers, his FASTAR Research Group performs fundamental research in new algorithms and implementations for high-performance pattern matching.

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Session 5: Paul BUTCHER – Crown in the Cloud
Paul has over 30 years of experience in various leadership roles in Hi-Technology. He held the post of President and COO of Mitel Networks Corporation from 2001 to 2011, overseeing the strategic and tactical evolution in Mitel’s sales, marketing and R&D growth initiatives. Mitel was the largest Canadian IPO for a decade when the company went public in 2010. Paul also served as President at Maplesoft Group, an IT integrator and has held numerous advisory and board positions. He has unique insight and expertise and more than 20 years of marketing and senior management experience in the communications-technology industry.

More recently, Paul co-founded HostedBizz, a cloud IT company. In the past 5 years, HostedBizz has seen prolific growth and remains one of the fastest growing cloud vendors in the Canadian Market. Paul is recognized as an industry leader and has spoken at numerous trade shows and conferences. He is a graduate of Reading College of Technology in the U.K.

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Session 6: UNDISCLOSED SPEAKER – Emission Security
Have you ever wondered if someone can capture your computer signals from a distance over the air? What may they be able to see? How far away may they be? How skilled do they need to be? What options might you have to put in place to avoid the possible embarrassment of data loss or worse? These are some of the areas of interest with examples that will be covered during this presentation.

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Session 7: UNDISCLOSED SPEAKER – Living the Disaster, the Fires of Ft. McMurray
Never presented publicly in Canada before: We are fortunate to have a speaker who has personally lived the fires of Ft. McMurray. Our guest speaker was instrumental in managing the shutdown of a large plant during this horrible Canadian disaster of 2016.

With Data Centre power consumption growing at a rapid pace and owner/operators looking to manage their own power generation capability, this presentation of the challenges during a disaster will most certainly be a one-of-a-kind event.

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Centrepointe Studio Theatre
101 Centrepointe Drive
Ottawa, ON K2G 5K7
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Plenty of free parking and easy access to OC Transpo


Use discount code: DCAR3FOR20 until June 1

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DCAR Sponsors

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