im-pen-dough [origin: latin], ‘to weigh out’; ‘to devote’; ‘to apply’; ‘to deliver’.

The three peaks of our logo represent the pillars or the triangle of project management: Schedule, Budget, Scope. The three peaks also represent our passion for mountaineering.


Impendo is a Canadian company with expertise in managing your data centre related projects. We will design and build your facility to your needs and when you are ready, we will manage your IT consolidation and move your systems into your new facility.

Our subject matter experts are able to plan, organize, and manage your project to help you reach your objectives. We have successfully delivered projects across Canada related to data and data management, storage solutions, unified communications, security (logical and physical), custom application development, along with data centre planning and construction.


Founded in 2000, we made our mark in the security and consolidation of data centres.

Shortly thereafter, we started designing power and cooling systems to support alterations to existing computing environments.

After consolidating several data centres in 3 continents and designing & managing the construction of data centres in Canada, we accumulated an abundance of resources while building a reputation of delivering complex data centre projects in private and public sectors.


  • Design and build in active data centres
  • Data centre relocations
  • Critical power and cooling for data centres
  • Cooling solutions for slab and raised floors
  • M&A data centre consolidations
  • Data patch cabling systems [MDA/HDA]
  • Physical security (including classified facilities)
  • Logical security (including cybersecurity)
  • Data centre compliancy reviews

The Team

Neal Kushwaha

CEO & Director of Professional Services

Mr. Kushwaha’s background focuses on the IT infrastructure, IT security, physical datacenter design, power, cooling, business processes, and IT consolidation. He is looking to help organizations large and small make …

Adam Smythe

Solutions Architect

Mr. Smythe’s background focuses on the data centre relocations, application development lifecycles, and their supporting infrastructure. He has helped large and small organizations with data centre relocations, infrastructure consolidations, implementations, …